Management Team
frye Jan Frye

Jan’s role in the corporate governance of Middleware Management Partners has steadily increased since the company’s formation in 2008. In 2012 Jan became a majority shareholder in the corporation and accepted the position of CEO. With 10 years in corporate management and 20 years as a successful business owner, Jan’s experience has been particularly instrumental in focusing the business on relationship management and strategic alliances.

Jan began her business career at age 12, employed by an investment firm to do their bookkeeping. In this timeframe she also became the youngest person ever hired by JPL/NASA. Jan’s management experience also includes fifteen years in the telecommunications industry.

Jan has a B.A. in Social Ecology from UCI, a degree in Fashion Design from FIDM, and studied at Caltech. She holds numerous certifications in the IBM Websphere family of products.

frye Richard Cromie

Rich has over thirty years experience in communications hardware and software. The first sixteen of those years were spent building a career in the telecommunications industry.

Prior to founding MMPC, Rich worked for over a decade as a Middleware Solutions Expert, both as an IBM employee and an Independent Contractor. Rich has conducted dozens of successful engagements with small, medium, and large companies around the United States and Canada. Rich has earned several certifications in Project Management and IBM Middleware.

In 2002, Rich co-founded Chameleonics, Inc., a high-tech company with a Middleware consulting line of business. Rich served as its President from 2002-2007.