Our Top IBM Hybrid Cloud Integration Solutions

Business Challenge

Nobody has time for this. Your data center is aging and not scaling and burning money day after day. Or you're still using manual processes that were introduced over a decade ago. Or you've just been given a new set of policies that require conformance by next Tuesday. Or you find out five of your business units are unwittingly working on the same project from five different angles. You know you have to do something, but what? The market is awash with IT products and trends-du-jour. How do you even start the investigation, much less any migration?

Why not start with the IT Integration company with the most comprehensive and cost-effective solutions portfolio on the planet? Yes, I said cost-effective. IBM sometimes gets a bad rap for being stodgy and geared to big business only. But did you know that IBM offers more low-cost solutions for the mid-market now than ever before, and that they have dramatically increased their investment in partnerships with companies like Middleware Management Partners to deliver these competitive solutions to the market? IBM remains unmatched in on-prem computing solutions, but has fast become a foremost Cloud provider too. T

Our Solution

Consider Middleware Management Partners your Engagement Manager For the Evaluation, Procurement, and Fulfillment phases of your projects.

Evaluation: Once a clear definition of the issue or problem is understood and agreed upon, we can take the first step. Sometimes the desired outcome is clear and quantifiable, such as "I need to connect to the Federal Reserve Board for ACH transfers"; or "I need to connect to Customs and Border Protection for a manifest application"; or "I need to connect securely to pharmacy companies like CVS for a prescription verification application". For this type of inquiry, IBM solutions like MQ are preferred and we can get you up and running in short order at minimal cost. Sometimes the desired outcome is complex, such as "I need a security solution and business rules to comply with new industry regulations"; or "I need to integrate Salesforce with Oracle EBS and NetSuite"; or "I need to create process improvements across business units for HR functions." When the definition statements are more general like this, and when you are assessing several providers for the project, we will provide demos, Proofs of Technology, and our signature Observations, Requirements, and Cost Proposal document to assist in the evaluation. In addition, as warranted, we will provide at no charge a professional Business Value Assessment to forecast ROI as accurately as possible.

Procurement When you are ready to purchase, we navigate IBM for you. We will have completed in advance all the steps to become your vendor too. (Some are as simple as providing a W-9; some require full vetting and onboarding. We are approaching our 100th customer, so we know the drill, and the questions to ask.) We provide the quotes and negotiate the best pricing. Once we receive your PO, we handle any licensing and enablement tasks. Once you have received your Proof of Entitlement, which is your notification that your software is ready for download or that your SaaS environment is available, We will guide you to quick and easy access to your IBM middleware or cloud environment.

Fulfillment: We are first and foremost an Authorized IBM Hybrid Cloud and Systems Middleware Software Reseller. However, as your Engagement Manager, we don't stop there. We ensure you are getting the expertise you need during your implementation so that you do it right the first time, and create a foundation upon which to build for years to come. On simpler MQ implementations, we offer up to four free hours for installation, configuration, and best practices consultation. For more complex services requirements, we are part of an ecosystem of top IBM Business Partners with deep expertise for engagements from JumpStart to Managed Services. In addition, we will handle your yearly subscription and support renewal at a discount to IBM pricing.