Business Process Management

Business Challenge

We've recently worked with a client who had studied processes across their lines of business, and found that every division was inventing processes in a different way. It is not uncommon to find many different methodologies for a common business process like procurement and HR within the same company! How can this unwieldy replication of activities possibly be consolidated? Another question to ask: Is management happy with the company's current Business Process environment? Is process management getting visibility, and not in a good way? Process improvement can seem challenging in the face of a complex and dynamic business network, but the right approach can get you there.

Our Solution

BPM is a discipline that leverages software and services to provide total visibility into your organization. See this IBM BPM start page. The IBM BPM Software as a Service (SaaS) Suite consists of IBM BlueWorks Live, and IBM BPM on Cloud. Each can be a standalone solution depending upon what the client is looking for, but they are collaborative products which complement each other for a complete BPM solution. BlueWorks Live is your process discovery, modeling, and documentation platform. BPM on Cloud is your automation, execution, and integration platform. Together they enable continuous improvement of business processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

We are also doing a lot of work with IBM Operational Decision Management (ODM) and ODM on Cloud. (We are an IBM ODM Sales and Fulfillment partner). See this IBM ODM start page. IBM Operational Decision Manager can be deployed onprem or on Cloud. We're seeing more clients moving to ODM on Cloud, a cloud service that helps you capture, automate and manage frequently occurring, repeatable rules-based business decisions. It enables business users to quickly initiate business rules management projects at lower costs by reducing the need for IT assistance and hardware and software acquisitions. See the Announcement Letter on the right side of this page for more info.

IBM BPM Diagram *

IBM has already helped thousands of clients from a wide range of industries successfully meet their process improvement goals. We can help you chart your own roadmap to process improvement success that meets your unigue business needs, without breaking your budget.

Key Benefits when you deploy IBM BlueWorks Live and BPM on Cloud

Futureproof: You're working with world-class IBM BPM offerings and guided by our professional BPM experts.

Cloud-based solution: You will be managed on IBM Softlayer IaaS, creating an established, available, scalable, and extensible single-tier process management platform. Other BPM in the cloud providers do not have their own platform as IBM does.

Standards-based solution: Both BlueWorks Live and BPM on Cloud conform to BPMN v2.0 standards.

Automated process modeling and documentation: BlueWorks Live is a very low cost platform for iteratively improving your business processes and collaboratively documenting them.

Reduce or eliminate manual email processes: Since Editors and Contributors access the same Process Spaces, all collaboration is done in the BlueWorks Live tool and not in costly, time-consuming email threads.

Process repository: The process repository capability within BlueWorks Live is essential for change management and version control.

Capture and reuse current-state process diagrams : Visio, for example, also embraces the BPMN 2.0 standard. If you have developed Visio diagrams using the standard, they will import seamlessly into IBM BPM.

Automated process execution: BPM on Cloud is the workhorse runtime for process execution, tracking, monitoring, and analysis.

Connectors and services for system-process integration: Also in BPM on Cloud, connectors for databases and cloud applications like Salesforce are readily available in template form.

Expand process participation among lines of business: The more consolidation of business processes you do, the more $$ you save.

Process replay within the Process Designer (i.e. for Prototype Flows): BPM on Cloud offers "Playback 0" replay capability to see how a process will behave before it is implemented.

Key Benefits when you work with Middleware Management Partners

Proven implementation methodology with knowledge transfer: Your BPM managers perform the implementation with our guidance.

Cost: Middleware Management Partners is your software acquisition partner and engagement manager - a single point of contact. We bring economies of scale to all our engagements.

Rapid, Professional Software Procurement and Implementation: We navigate IBM on your behalf, and we get our customers up and running very quickly.