Cloud Integration Solutions

Business Challenge

Virtually every customer we work with has a Cloud Initiative. For example, many have just adopted as their strategic CRM tool, but now face integrating Salesforce with older OnPrem data stores and other "COTS" applications. APP Connect Professional connects and synchronizes ANY-to-ANY unlike data stores, packaged applications, onprem apps, and SaaS offerings.

We hear two words over and over again: visibility and synchronization. How do I expose my critical data to effectively and securely? How can I be sure the data is synchronized across my workflows? And how can I scale to meet the growing demands that data integration is placing on my infrastructure?

Our Solution

For synchronization and visibility of data, you should be looking atIBM APP Connect Professional integrates such as IBM APP Connect Professional, arguably the most robust and trusted solution on the market for cloud and on-prem application integration. The IBM WebSphere APP Connect Professional home page has loads of information and resources.

IBM APP Connect Professional Benefits *

MMP works with IBM APP Connect Professional every day, and the more we work with it, the more impressed we are with the ease of orchestrating workflows and the speed in bringing new integrations to market.

We are a foremost resource for IBM APP Connect Professional sales and services. With our vast ecosystem of collaborating IBM Business Partners, we consistently provide our customers the best deployment experts at low rates.

You will find comprehensive information in the IBM APP Connect Professional Infocenter, but there is no substitute for the fundamental product knowledge of our experts - the understanding you can't find in books.

The V7.5.2 Announcement Letter and the announcement presentation are attached as PDFs on the right hand side of this page. The important changes include a vastly simplified deployment and pricing structure. Pricing is now usage based, no more counting endpoints!! Pricing is far more competitive, both for an onprem deployment and for APP Connect Professional on Cloud (formerly Cast Iron Live).


Key Benefits when you work with Middleware Management Partners

Cost: An old coding adage goes: When you catch it at desk check, it costs $70. When you catch it in DEV, it costs $700. When you catch it in QA, it costs $7,000. When you don't catch it until PROD, it costs you your job. Leveraging our expertise at the Project Definition and Planning Phase will cultivate those operational decisions that save $$ throughout the change-management cycle. And our consulting rates are low.

HealthCheck: If you're experiencing operational or application integration issues, call us. We can help to assess current challenges and recommend solutions using our vast and flexible IBM Hybrid Cloud portfolio.

Original IBM Selectee for the Cast Iron JumpStart Program in 2010: Middleware Management Partners (MMPC) has been working with the IBM Cast Iron Sales and Technical Teams since IBM acquired Cast Iron.

IBM Cast Iron Heritage-to-Blue Business Partner: IBM exhibited confidence in our Cast Iron product knowledge and expertise by selecting MMPC in May, 2012, to participate in the Cast Iron Heritage-to-Blue Project. We worked with pre-IBM Cast Iron users to ensure a smooth transition from their heritage licensing to the IBM licensing and support model. Armed with that experience, our customers' transitions from Cast Iron to APP Connect Professional is always smooth.

We know IBM: We are seasoned pros at navigating the procurement process on your behalf. We are IBM Certified and authorizedAPP Connect Professional Resellers, so we can help you 1) get started, 2) address the specific challenges you bought APP Connect Professional to solve.

APP Connect Professional Services: Via our ecosystem of IBM Cast Iron experts, we get our customers up and running very quickly.