Messaging Solutions

Business Challenge

Our customers often find themselves with new company requirements for assured once-and-once-only data delivery. Sometimes the requirements are mandated, as in the case of M&A onboarding. Sometimes a trading partner requires you to use MQ to connect securely to their business application. Most often the challenge is to integrate unlike platforms and applications.

You've selected IBM MQ for its unmatched reliability, scalability, and flexibility. Often you have also selected IBM Integration Bus for complex transformation, routing and (new in v9.0) the business rules engine.

But if you don't have a Middleware Team familiar with MQ and Integration Bus, how do you get started with a new or modified project? How do you even go about purchasing MQ and Integration Bus, and getting the best price?

Our Solution

IBM MQ is a communications system that provides assured, asynchronous, once-only delivery of data across a broad range of hardware and software platforms. IBM Integration Bus creates the flexibility to work with your data, and the rules to make and manage decisions about the business.

MMPC is a foremost resource on IBM MQ and IBM Integration Bus. In fact, our founder was an original member of the IBM Global Services National MQSeries Practice starting in 1997. He also evaluated Neon Integrator for IBM in 1998, which became MQ Integrator, then WebSphere Message Broker, and now IBM Integration Bus. Over the past fifteen years we have successfully performed dozens of successful MQ integration engagements. We've developed a rich knowledge base of tips and tricks, tools and best practices for MQ and Integration Bus implementations. You will find comprehensive information in the IBM MQ Infocenter, but there is no substitute for fundamental product knowledge - the understanding you can't find in books.

We know IBM, so we navigate the procurement process on your behalf. We know MQ and Integration Bus, so we can help you 1) get started, and 2) address the specific challenges you are acquiring the middleware products to solve.

Key Offerings

With every IBM MQ purchase through Middleware Management Partners, you get four free hours of design and implementation consultation from a Certified IBM WebSphere MQ Solutions Expert.
We offer Implementation Engagements to get your MQ network and Integration Bus up and running quickly.
You will learn about configuring the queue managers, clusters, objects and channels; leveraging MQ thresholds and events; using administrative tools and support packs; how to implement data security; application triggering; transaction commit/rollback/backout; high-availability, and many other topics. With Integration Bus you will learn about creating message flows, using patterns, exploiting nodes, best practices for efficiency, easy deployment and execution, and many other topics.


Key Benefits when you deploy IBM MQ

Integration: Secure, assured messaging in-house, across campuses, or internationally.

Application portability: Applications can be developed without having to worry about the underlying network or O/S.

Foundation for SOA Architecture: Once deployed, you have reusable services and artifacts ready for your next project.

Flexibility: IBM MQ is a highly scalable and available answer to integration across a vast canvas of business applications.


Key Benefits when you deploy IBM Integration Bus

Data Transformation: The ability to present your data in whichever format is required for any presentation.

Data Routing: Automatically deploy data according to your complex data routing policies.

Pattern-based Development: Create reusable projects very rapidly with built-in patterns for many business scenarios.

Operational Decision Management: Use business rules to manage and streamline both internal and external decision points.


Key Benefits when you work with Middleware Management Partners

Knowledge Transfer: Your administrators perform the implementation with our guidance.

Cost: We have less overhead than most MQ Services providers, and so we keep our hourly rates low.

Rapid, Professional Software Procurement and Implementation: We get our customers up and running very quickly.

Deliverables:  Among our deliverables are a formal project plan, naming conventions, queue maps, and best-practices.