IBM Watson IoT Platform, featuring MessageSight

Welcome to Watson IoT! IoT is changing the world and IBM is leading the movement. The world's biggest brands and brightest innovators are betting on Watson IoT. The business framework and analytics engine is Watson IoT. The connectivity technology behind Watson IoT is MessageSight.

Extends IBM Messaging family with secure, easy to deploy virtual-appliance-based messaging gateway msgsight
Optimized for large scale Internet of Things and Mobile use cases
High performance in a virtual appliance
Can extend existing messaging infrastructure or be used standalone


Designed for Things
  • Optimized gateway for Things and Mobile devices
  • Efficient open protocol
  • Event-driven awareness
  • Open and industry agnostic
  • Fine-grained security policies

  • Developer Friendly
  • Active dev community
  • Free dev virtual appliance
  • Simple yet powerful APIs
  • Simple messaging paradigm
  • 40+ MQTT client libraries
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Up and running < 30 minutes
  • Task oriented UI guides administrator through first steps
  • Simple and scalable management through policies
  • Easy to Integrate
  • JMS
  • WebSockets
  • MQ
  • Integration Bus
  • Worklight
  • InfoSphere Streams…
  • Internet Scale
  • On a 4-core 32GB VM: 125K msg/sec FAN-IN
  • >25K egress msg/sec out to up to 128K MQTT devices
  • 4K concurrent connections per GB of memory
  • Predictable latency under load
  • Highly available

    IBM MessageSight Feature Summary

  • Allows your business to scale to the demands of the mobile and m2m use cases
  • Easily and securely extends your existing messaging infrastructure across the Internet
  • Easy to develop applications with simple programming interfaces
  • Large Scale: Orders of Magnitude Improvement
  • Optimized for Wireless Clients
  • Secure and Reliable - DMZ Ready Appliance
  • Open Standards
  • Simple Programming Model

  • You will find Watson IoT on Bluemix *