IBM Support Overview

IBM standard support is included in your software purchase for the first year, and thereafter runs approx. 21% of purchase price per year. You do not have to pay extra for premium software support as you would with most other vendors.

Problem Management Records (PMRs):

The IBM support line is your best bet for assistance from the experts (they are really good). You can contact support either online or by phone (1-800-IBM-SERV), 7x24. You will need your customer number and/or Passport Advantage Number and Site. These can be referenced in the Proof of Entitlement you received upon your purchase. When you call in they will ask for the product, a severity level, and a brief description of the problem or assistance sought. They will issue you a PMR (Problem Management Record) number which tracks the incident to resolution.

There are 4 support levels:

Severity 1, Critical business impact: You are unable to use the program, resulting in a critical impact on operations. This condition requires an immediate solution.

Severity 2, Significant business impact: The program is usable but is severely limited.

Severity 3, Some business impact: The program is usable with less significant features (not critical to operations) unavailable.

Severity 4, Minimal business impact: The problem causes little impact on operations, or a reasonable circumvention to the problem has been implemented.

IBM Software Downloads:

All of your licensed software downloads are accessible through IBM Passport Advantage.
For Passport Advantage information, customer secure site access, training, etc., go to the IBM Passport Advantage site.

IBM Software License Information:

IBM's International Program License Agreement and product License Information documents. can be found here.

IBM Software InfoCenters:

Most of the technical and administrative information for IBM softwaree products can be accessed online in a series of InfoCenters. You can use your search engine to locate them, i.e. a search for "IBM WebSphere MQ v7.5 InfoCenter" will bring up the documentation for the current version.

IBM Software Fix Packs:

It is a best practice to download and install Fix Packs for your software as they become available. Here are the instructions.